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    In our applications in the machinery sector, users can control the systems via the operator panel, such as retrospective reporting of malfunctions and productions, rapid troubleshooting. We offer automation services. An existing system by examining with our team. We are developing projects to improve or establish a system from scratch. Field product selections and We aim to provide the most appropriate solutions to our customers by providing
    Main application areas of machine automation;
  • To give color, shape and properties to materials
  • Flow measurement and control
  • Packaging and packaging applications
  • Mechanical handling applications
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Energy
      One of the most effective methods for the efficient use of energy will be the energy management system. The Energy Management System enables a more efficient use of energy and ensures a continuous It will enable the formation of the improvement process, energy analysis and monitoring of consumption.
      While developing software for processes such as energy monitoring, SCADA, reporting We also provide the guarantee of products such as inverters and batteries. We diligently carry out project creation, assembly and commissioning.
      Automation solutions in the chemical industry; a more efficient factory, better quality products, more productive workforce, safer environment, less energy use, faster production, improved record keeping, lower maintenance costs, less raw materials use, less wastage, a more flexible and more reliable facility, and ultimately a more competitive company. Processing, storage of chemical products and together with different products We are aware that its use requires special care and attention.
      We supply the most suitable materials for the system and develop SCADA software for the most reliable monitoring of the system.

    Water and Treatment
      Obtaining, treating, storing and distributing water is of great importance. One of the ways to use water in the most effective way is to use automation solutions in these systems. That's why we take care of the controlled distribution of water.
      We aim to use water in the most efficient way with the programs and SCADA software we have developed specifically for our projects. We aim to provide an easy use by providing remote control of the software.
    Marine and Yacht
      Safe navigation of watercraft Dozens of different systems of different types can be used in harmony in order to it should work.
      Status of each valve, pump, gate or system instantly should be viewable. For example ;
  • Receiving status information of doors and covers
  • Ship engines and lighting systems
  • Ventilation systems and generators
  • Filling of tanks, valves, valves, pumps
  • Temperature information, smoke and flame sensors
  • Food and Drink
      Automation; tobacco machines are used in many stages of the process, including opening, slicing, stem and leaf ripening, coating and flavoring, mixing and drying.
      Green leaf threshing, separating leaf parts from the stem and removing foreign matter is another process where automation can significantly increase productivity. To give an example of our work in this area;
  • Factory engineering software systems
  • Sensors, motors, frequency converters
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Human machine interface
  • Airport Technologies
      With the improvements we have made at the airport, we are developing more comfortable and useful systems for both passengers and operators.
      With the radical changes we made in the control of passenger bridges, PCAir and baggage handling systems at the airport, we offer a much more advanced, comfortable and safe control for users. We make mechanical designs suitable for the systems, supply the appropriate field instruments and install the system together with our expert team.
  • Raw Material and Product Transfer Systems
  • Macro and Micro Dosing Systems
  • Crusher and Mixer Systems
  • Pellet Press and Expander Press Machine
  • Extruder, Dryer, Vacuum Coating Systems
  • Automatic ration preparation and transfer
  • Electrical energy and communication solutions
  • Steel Silo Heat Monitoring Control Systems
  • Energy Management and Monitoring Systems
  • Fire Detection Systems
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